“Esti pregatit pentru o aventura care iti va creste adrenalina la MAXIMUM? Parcul de Aventura Comana este locul unde ti se va intampla asta negresit :)”Articol integral

Sofia Frunza

“A fost cel mai tare teambuilding la care am fost noi. Si am fost la cateva…in 7 ani.”

Virgil, Luxoft

“Banuiesc ca nu foarte des aveti temerari de varsta Sophiei. Are 2 ani si 7 luni si parcul de la Comana pare sa fie locul ei preferat.”


“Hi,  we  (and family) went today  (04/28/13)to your park and have had not so good experience, poor attention in general, one of our kids   got “stuck” in the middle of the cable in the “tiroliana” and none cames to help till somebody  ask for it (the kid stayed more than 5 minutes hanging from the harness), no ladders to help the “rescuer” to climb the trees, actually he had to climb up the tree like a monkey  going after coconuts, embarrassing situation,  you need seriously to improve this, such incidents make the people think twice for a new visit ,  3 or 4 guys in staff is  not enough, ladders to climb in case they need to “rescue” somebody could be good too, etc, one day all that nickel and dime your saving you will pay it back in injury compensation, thats all, good luck!!”


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